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Site changes & Altus Pop Expo

January 29, 2024

Many of you might have noticed some e-mails pop into your inbox recently. I've been experimenting with my website's blog capability. 

Since having a WIX managed shop isn't cost effective for the size of my business I've decided to post links  to, which carry my books along with many others available comic books in digital format. 

I haven't found an affordable solution for physical copies yet. However, if you find yourself with some free time around February 24th and 25th this year, I will have a table at the Altus Pop Expo! I'll be selling copies of Books 1 through 3 and whatever other merch I can scrape up. 

Take care and thanks for the support!


Cosmic Bard Press

Let us tell you a story.

My name is Darrel Adams. Retail has been my primary job throughout my life, as it is for a large amount of people, but my life long passion has always been comic books. In 2010 I managed to self publish a comic book under the Cosmic Bard Press imprint called Global Knights – Codename: Yellow Jackets #1. I followed this with a second issue as well as a #1 issue for a comic called Alpha 5 and one called Bard Tales: The Trials of the Dark Archer. I had high hopes, but ultimately I was unable to get any footing with these titles and had to focus on paying my bills.

Flash forward to today. I'm much better off financially and ready to tackle my passion once more. I'm an artist and a writer with a focus purely in comic books. I've studied the business for many years of my life and its remained my one true passion. My hobbies include drawing, writing, running Dungeons and Dragons as well as other table top RPGs for friends and family, reading comic books, and occasionally playing video games. I've got a universe of stories swirling inside of my head that are desperately clawing to get out. With time and success I hope to grow Cosmic Bard Press into a proper studio.

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