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Global Knights: Dead Men Live Forever - Book #1 (Preview)

In the crime ridden streets of Twilight City, where tensions simmer between law and anarchy, the arrival of the Global Knights, a worldwide agency policing the supernatural, ignites a brewing storm. Captain Ledger, haunted by a mysterious past, finds himself at the heart of the conflict when a brutal attack throws the Knights into chaos on their first day in the city. The prime suspect? A sinister figure known as Sinclair, driven by a burning hatred for Global Knights and their mission to impose order on the city's unruly streets.

Amidst the escalating tensions, Captain Ledger and his ragtag team of agents - the sharp-witted Saryu Talavalakar, the tech-savvy Jacob Stone, the veteran knight Amos Jackson, the enigmatic Necra, and the new recruit Michael Caval - face seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Navigating a hostile city that rejects their presence, they must track down a shadowy criminal who possesses the terrifying ability to leap from body to body. But the challenges extend beyond external forces. Internal clashes, like the unresolved romantic history between Saryu and Jacob, and Michael and Stephanie's struggle to balance family life with the high-stakes world of Global Knights, threaten to tear this new team apart.

Can they maintain order without suffocating the city's volatile spirit? Can they unravel the mystery of the body jumping criminal before it plunges Twilight City into irreversible chaos? 

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